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A limited edition savoury gin inspired by Charles Tanqueray's Original 1839 recipe

This new recipe contains Tanqueray’s classic four botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice with the addition of nettles, chamomile, cubeb berries, and lovage, which is used in both root and leaf forms as a dried powder.

Tanqueray Lovage is only distilled in Cameronbridge Distillery 's number ten still, known as “Tiny Ten”, the same small experimental/trial-sized still used for Tanqueray No. Ten (after which it takes its name). All eight botanicals (the same number as in No. Ten) are added to the still at the same time and left to steep in wheat neutral spirit (we’re told for less than 24 hours) prior to distillation. Tanqueray Lovage is a London dry gin so only has water added after distillation to reduce to bottling strength.

Tanqueray Lovage’s perennial bloom and deeply aromatic flavours make for a distinctively savoury taste, tingling with a herbaceous heart.

Tanqueray is the bartenders’ favourite gin worldwide according to the Brands Report 2018

Tanqueray Lovage and Tonic - served with premium tonic water and garnished with coriander leaf and four juniper berries


47.3 % Alc. vol.


A premium London Gin

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