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From 42 selected olive cultivars from all over the world.


From 42 selected olive cultivars from all over the world, grown with care and know-how at the private grove of the Institute of Olive Trees, Subtropical Plants and Viticulture, in the ideal climate of Crete. With the scientific support of the Institute, the finest olives have been harvested with expertise, extracted with innovation in Terra Creta’s olive mill and blended with passion to guarantee the richness of taste and complexity of aroma only a premium multivarietal extra virgin olive oil can offer. The percentage of each variety in the premium blend is not stable since it is affected from it's year production. 


 Main varieties for this excellent premium blend

1 Koroneiki
Koroneiki, the queen of olives is one of the most famous Greek olive cultivars with trees that generally yield a lot of olives which have high content in oil. Although not fit for the table, its fruit make up by giving a remarkably fruity olive oil with exceptionally high concentration in antioxidants and flavors of apple, grass and banana.

2 Arbequina
Arbequina olive originally comes from Catalonia, in Spain. A relatively small tree that produces plenty of small olives of varying colors, fit also for the table. Small in size but big in flavor, Arbequina olives have a high oil content and give a fresh, buttery taste, that is accessible to all and a fruity aroma, with notes of almond.

3 Picholine Languedoc
Picholine Languedoc is a French cultivar of olives used to make olive oil, although it's best known as a cocktail olive. Widespread around the Mediterranean sea, the Picholine olive tree adapts well giving an olive oil that is smooth and mild with only a hint of bitterness.

4 Frantoio
Frantoio is a variety typical of Tuscany, a region in Italy renowned in oil production. Each tree  yields a lot of large sized fruit that are also used as table olives. Its oil is fruity with strong floral notes of cut grass and artichoke and light bitterness, followed by a an elegant spicy sensation in the throat.

5 Andramitini
Andramitini is a cultivar originally from Asia Minor that can be found in very few places around the world and is cultivated mainly in the island of Lesvos. With medium yield per tree and medium oil content, Andramitini stands out by giving a top quality oil with an excellent intense aroma.

6 Picual
Picual olives are from the Andalusia region in southern Spain. Picual olive oil is an exceptional green oil that is remarkably peppery if harvested early. It also features a very high concentration in antioxidants,  strong bitterness in taste and an aroma with notes of tomato, fig and grass.

7 Leccino
Leccino olives is a widespread Italian cultivar that gives fruit of medium size and olive oil that is balanced and accessible to all, often used in gourmet blends. In particular, Leccino oil has a vivid fruity aroma, a sweet and bitter taste reminding of thistle, while it leaves a slight peppery taste in the throat.

8 Picholine marocaine
Coming originally from the famous French olive cultivar, the Moroccan counterpart has adapted well to the special conditions of climate and soil in Morocco, yielding  a fruity and aromatic olive oil that features a high concentration in polyphenols, that features medium bitterness and a moderate peppery aftertaste.

9 Kalamata
Perhaps one of the most famous olive cultivars, Kalamata olive is best known around the world as an excellent table olive and synonymous with Greek fine olives. The tree of the Kalamata variety yields a lot of fruit that are almond-shaped that acquire their rich aubergine colour when ripened and yield high content in oil.

10 Lechin de Sevilla
Lechin de Sevilla is a Spanish cultivar that comes from Sevilla that is commonly used to compliment other varieties. The oil that comes from the medium sized fruit of the Lechin variety has a pale yellow color, hence the name Lechin that translates as milky in Spanish. It features a herbaceous aroma with notes of vegetables, a balanced mildly bitter  taste and a green almond aftertaste in the mouth.

11 Tsounati
a.k.a. Mastoeidis is a Greek cultivar of trees that often reach 10 meters in height and yield fruit with high content in oil.  Olives of the Tsounati variety are considered by many as  table olives, although they can also give exquisite olive oil of amber color, slight bittersweet taste and a peppery aftertaste if harvested on time.


List of all 42 olive varieties (cultivars)

01. Adramittini
02. Amphissis
03. Arbequina 
04. Barouni
05. Barnea
06. Blanqueta
07. Bouteillan
08. Chalkidikis
09. Coratina 
10. Cornicabra
11. Cornezuelo 
12. Mavrelia
13. Matolia
14. Dafnelia
15. Empeltre
16. Frantoio
17. Gordal Sevilliana 
18. Hojiblanca 
19. Kalamon
20. Kalokerida
21. Karolia 
22. Koutsourelia  
23. Kothreiki
24. Koroneiki 
25. Lechin de Sevilla
26. Lianolia Kerkiras
27. Megaritiki
28. Manzanilla
29. Nabali
30. Picholine Marocaine  
31. Picholine
32. Picual
33. Pikrolia
34. Rosciola
35. Sourani
36. Strogylolia
37. Thiaki
38. Tragolia
39. Tsounati
40. Valanolia
41. Vasilikada
42. Verdial of Vélez-Málaga

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