Krokos Kozanis - Greek Red Saffron in Filaments (ORG)

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Crocus by tame (Crocus sativus L.) is one of the rarest medicinal plants. The dried stigmas of the flower are the precious saffron. For three hundred years, the saffron is cultivated and grown exclusively in Kozani. It boasts excellent quality, which ranks it first in organic egg matter in the world. Available in two forms, staples and dust in special packaging.

Antithrombotic: The extract of saffron stigmas cause inhibition of platelet aggregation. Furthermore, it was found and the anticoagulant activity.
Stimulant: Helps to lower cholesterol, digestion, to asthma attacks, to nausea,  antipyretic and tonic. The healing properties are known since antiquity, as mentioned in Egyptian papyrusdating from 1550 BC, while a necessary ingredient in medicinal preparations of Hippocrates, Dioscorides and Galen, who recommended it as a pain relieverantipyretic, hypnotic, emmenagogue and healing. Great is the interest of modern medicine in the yolk. The investigation is ongoing and multifaceted. From the results so far found with certainty that the egg has:

  1. Antioxidant activity
  2. Antithrombotic activity
  3. This action is attributed to reduced incidence of cardiovascular events in Valencia, Spain, where egg consumption is high.

  4. Anticancer activity
  5. The action was seen by many studies on purely experimental level. So far, the study of biological activity of natural water-soluble carotenoids of saffron shown to inhibit proliferation and simultaneously differentiate human tumor cells lines K562 and HI-60 (leukemia cells)

  6. Improves brain function, particularly memory (in Japan is already released in market relative medecine).
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