Anama 2009

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Naturally sweet red wine made from sundried grapes of the indigenous Cypriot varieties Xinisteri & Mavro. A limited scale production (1.512 bottles), aged in oak barrels for 2 years, bottled in custom-designed and hand-punched enumerated bottles.

The 'anama concept is the result of an inspiring partnership between Oenologist Lefteris Mohianakis & Jewelery Designer Kristina Apostolou. Together, both artist aspire to produce a refined & contemporary authentic Cypriot Product.

500ml bottle, alc. 13% vol.
Anama 2009

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The “soul of ‘Anama

As per the winemaking, oenologist Lefteris Mohianakis derives his oenological inspiration from the oldest historically recorded wine in the world, “Kyprion Nama”, and its successor, known today as “Commandaria”, a name which British conquerors bestowed upon it during the 12th Century. The vineyards that provide us with the grapes used for the making of ‘Anama, are situated in a village called Agios Mamas of the Commandaria region, and consist of vines over 150 years old. Even though there are many facts that compose the general methodology used in the production of ‘Anama, the process is customized year after year and designed around what nature provides us with. Just as nature evolves with the passing of the years, i.e. different climate conditions, rainfall, temperature and sunlight, producing ‘Anama is never a standardized process. On the contrary, the ‘takings’ of each harvest, are exploited in a different way each year, and with the usage of contemporary oenological knowledge, as expected, each harvest’s ‘Anama is different to the year preceding it. Following the harvest, the wine is transferred into new barrels of various types and sizes, made from French and American oak, where it is left to ‘rest’ for 2 years, before it is bottled in its unfiltered state, in order to preserve its natural character. It is important to note that throughout the entire wine-making process, usage of sulphates is strictly controlled, a fact that ensures that the general sulphate content of our wine is much below average, and no additional alcohol is used whatsoever.


The “body of ‘Anama


Having studied at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design and influenced both by the International stage of contemporary design and the traditional Cypriot jewellery values, award winning designer & founder of the “KRISTINA APOSTOLOU contemporary jewellery” brand, Kristina Apostolou, presents a different ‘face’ for ‘Anama year after year, depending on the character of each year’s harvest. This is the most important element of “The ‘Anama Concept”: The balance and equality between wine & design. Design & wine. Neither of the two overrides the other, nor can either one stand alone without the other. On the contrary, both elements together are what compose ‘Anama, a unique entity, born of two people, at the same time.

The idea of creatively pairing up the two most ancient arts of Cyprus, winemaking & jewellery, bares the signature of the designer, and was initially introduced into the market with ‘Anama 2007. It was the first time that a wine would gain a “precious body”: a carefully and meticulously designed silver handmade label which adorns a hand-blown glass bottle, detailed with natural wax and red silk thread. Finally, in addition to ‘Anama’s limited edition profile, each and every one of the 723 bottles of the 2007 vintage, were numbered by hand-punching the digits on a separate silver disk. The concept gained excellent critics and was widely appreciated by the targeted market. It was then followed by another successful harvest, that of 2008, launched for the year 2010, during which ‘Anama not only won a silver medal at Decanter W.W.A 2011, but also a design award by Internationally renowned designer’s forum “Design and Design”. Its minimalistic look and curvy label design which embraces the corner of the bottle was inspired by the pure essence of “The ‘Anama Concept”: two bodies uniting as one.

As it is clear, ‘Anama is a contemporary idea based on an inspiring partnership, solely characterized by its high quality and aesthetic value and designed in order to be respected as the most chic version of a traditional Cypriot product. More information concerning the concept as well as contemporary and fresh ‘Anama ideas can be found throughout our site, of which all artwork has been exclusively designed and produced by the 'anama creative team!

Additional Information

Production Year 2009
Region No
Dryness Sweet
Style Still
Producer Anama Concept
Wine Color Red
Variety No
Production Method Conventional
Type Table Wine
Bottle 500ml
Availability In Stock

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